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Moving & Junk Removal Made Easy

Make Your Next Move a Soco Move!

At Soco Moves, we've mastered the art of stress-free moving because we know just how overwhelming it can be.  Our team specializes in turning moving chaos into calm.  We ensure every step of the process is smooth and hassle-free. From carefully loading your prized possessions to swiftly handling junk removal, we take care of it all with professionalism and a smile. Because at Soco Moves, we're not just about moving your stuff; we're about giving you an experience so good you will actually look forward to your next move!  We offer other services as well, so we encourage you to browse our site to see how we can help ease your burdens.

Local Move from San Diego to LA.  Full cargo van from 1br apartment.

Book on Taskrabbit

If you don't know about Taskrabbit, it is one of the best platforms out there, to hire local professionals for pretty much anything you need done!  We at Soco Moves are the best in the San Diego Area and are all certified Elite Taskers which only 4% of all taskers ever reach.  No need to reach out to us for a quote, just click the links below to book one of us, or all of us, for your next Task!

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